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If you are looking for an exciting career working as an escort, then there is no better way to work than with Foxy Girls! Here are some reason you need to undertake your escort jobs with us.

  • Very experienced agency.
  • Many regular clients.
  • Busiest agency in Leeds/Yorkshire.
  • Best paid jobs.
  • Highest possible weekly/monthly earnings.
  • High safety protocol.
  • Biggest promotion possible.
  • Best policies.
  • Exceptional working ethos.
  • Very high working standards.
  • Friendly female management.
  • No sleazy tactics.
  • Good class of client.
  • No need to have professional photos to start work.
  • Same day or immediate starts are available.
  • Work part of full time.
  • Your privacy assured at all times.
  • Flexibility to work different shifts each week as needed.
  • Supportive, dedicated and highly professional team!

High Standards of working as an escort

Like any agency, we have standards and expect certain things from those girls we work with. Below I have outlined the most important things we expect all our girls to have/be capable of.

  • Integrity.
  • Good time keeping.
  • Honesty.
  • Loyalty.
  • Be available to work 3 shifts per week at least in general for part time & 4 shifts per week for full time girls.
  • Have steady regular menstrual cycles.
  • Be open minded.
  • Be professional in general.
  • Be friendly, polite and eager to please.
  • Take pride in your appearance.
  • Own sophisticated clothing and not just jeans/hoody!
  • Be able to adapt to the various clients needs and surroundings.
  • Understand the importance of discretion.
  • Understand that this is a real business and has real rules and requirements.

So with everything above in mind. If your serious about becoming an escort, then we would love to check your application. Submitting an application online is safe, securely transmitted to us and always kept completely private.

Please complete the application form below fully, to submit your job application for Leeds escort work to our agency. We look forward to seeing you as part of our team very soon!

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Please note - when you click submit below. Your photos will be uploaded and transmitted securely to us. This may cause a small delay whilst the photos are uploaded. Please just be patient after clicking the submit button!

Leeds escort jobs with no upfront payment

When not to apply to join our escort agency

Below are some examples of girls we are not interested in offering escort jobs to. We will not ever work with such an escort very long! So if you seem a better fit for the list below, as opposed to the one above. Please not go ahead to file you application.

  • You have an addiction to telling lies.
  • Constantly do not attend your shifts.
  • conjure up the most glorious sick excuses as to why you could not attend it. E.g Kids in hospital, Gran died, Had a car accident etc. But can never offer any proof.
  • Those that are scruffy little trolls that do not make an effort to even put on their makeup.
  • Escorts that have really bad attitudes in general.
  • Girls that think they are the ones doing all the work and that clients seem by magic. Nothing to do with all our hard work.
  • People that can not be bothered to re-invest in themselves. Such as an escort that can not be bothered to buy new lingerie or outfits to give her regular clients that little bit extra to keep them interested.
  • Escorts that understand our rules are only there to push and take the mick out of.
  • Escorts that can not afford their own adverts, so they think coming to an escort agency on an client number gathering mission is a good idea. We are far to experienced for this to happen.
  • Girls who think its clever to use the same photos on an agency website as their Face Book pages!
  • Those that think telling everyone they are an escort is a good idea. No its not! Keep it discreet.

Requirements to undertake escort jobs with Foxy Girls

So to give you an idea of the general requirements also. I have made a simple list for you below, please make sure you meet this criteria before submitting your application to us.

  • maximum dress size we would consider is a 14.
  • minimum age is 18, we will request id to be sure, so do not try to apply if you are under this age!
  • maximum age – there is not one really. As long as your looking good for you age it doesn’t matter if your 50!
  • No direct previous experience is required, but please be sure you understand what being an escort is before you apply.
  • You must be legally allowed to work in the UK. Please do not try to disguise your nationality from us.
  • Be able to supply some recent, not professional photographs (unless you have pro ones of course that are not heavily edited) of yourself in a sexy way. Lingerie shots, nudes, partial nude, nice dress etc are the type of things we need. Not pics outside Nandos in jeans and a jumper! These can be selfies to start with, as professional photographs will be done later. So really anyone with a smart phone these days are able to snap some selfies for us for sure. If you can not do that, then your already lacking the integrity needed to work as an escort with us here in Leeds!

Leeds escort Jobs.

The best Leeds escort agency is recruiting now! Due to popular demand we have escort vacancies available to attractive female entertainers who want to work in the historic town of Leeds, in the West Midlands. Join an established and professional adult business where escort work is dynamic and highly profitable. Meet new people of various walks of life, where you can socialise with the rich or comfort the lonely. We can guarantee you regular work with the highest earnings in Leeds. We welcome females over the age of 18 years from any race, culture or skin colour who take pride in their appearance.

We are looking for friendly and enthusiastic individuals who can work as a team to continue and add to the excellent reputation of our escort agency in Leeds. If you are an open-minded person with body confidence and you enjoy meeting new people for paid dating, then apply today! You do not need any qualifications to become an escort, the job is based on your natural characteristics, qualities, personality and interpersonal skills. Leeds has been voted the happiest place for escort work in England!

We are an executive escort agency in Leeds, in the county of Yorkshire with a two-part service. The first, is we recruit for Leeds escort jobs and advertise the successful applicants. The second, is we attract clients who are looking for escort services and we match their needs with an escort who works with us and fits all his requirements. With every escort and client being unique, we are often referred to as match makers for adult dates and girlfriends to hire. For privacy and security, this escort agency will hide your true identity to ensure that you can work as an escort undiscovered.

Becoming an escort in Leeds

Become an escort in Leeds.

Become an escort in Leeds and enjoy the huge financial benefits. Earn a minimum of fifty pounds an hour and watch your saving grow rapidly. Whatever you truly want out of life, money will always help! Whether it’s to get on the property ladder, buy a car or pay off depts. Or even for cosmetic surgery, private health treatments or IVF to start a family, a large income can buy most things that can make us happier in life. Money can solve many problems in life that have caused us to be worried or stressed.

There is a correlation to happiness with Leeds escort work between having a good income and having time off to enjoy the things that interest you in life. Work for our Leeds escort agency and you can have the flexibility to work when you want to. In the knowledge that whilst you are relaxing or spending your earnings on shopping and socialising with friends, we are behind the scenes taking bookings for the days you have asked to work. Leeds escort jobs offers the flexibility to work whenever you want to, from a few hours per week, to part time to a full-time career. Many girls use the job opportunity for a year or so, to be able to earn the money to get where they really want to be. Save the finances to start your own business, to get through university or become famous within the adult industry.

Enjoy different types of clientele when working as an escort in Leeds.

The different type of clientele that you meet can also help you in life! During escort work you will be socialising with the rich and working class and poor who can offer new possibilities. The lawyer who you had a romantic dinner date with because he didn’t have time for a relationship may come to your rescue later down the line. The builder that you offered a shoulder to dry on when his wife left him, may help you to build that dream extension on your house. The client who owns the luxury car garage, that gives you discount on your purchase. Or the poor client who always returns the support and friendship that was offered him during the time of need. Networking and socialising with clients, with the purpose of making them have a memorable experience and like you as a person, can have further benefits in other aspects of your life. Building platonic friendships, intimate connections and discounts within their professions that can last a lifetime.

Apply online with recent photographs and a description about yourself and you can start work immediately. The majority of clients are looking for a girlfriend experience with intimacy and affection. Therefore, when you apply, do not be under the illusion that escorting is simply accompanying men as arm candy to functions and dinner dates. You will be required to act like a girlfriend would during the duration of time that he has booked. This will be explained to you fully during the escort job interview. We fully appreciate that some girls who live in Leeds, do not want to meet clients who live in the area also. We will ensure that you only meet clients who are visitors to the area, or that you have outcall jobs to clients who are in areas surrounding Leeds. Once again, we express that your discretion is important to us to ensure that your true identity is never exposed.

The interview process is to get to know you as a person and for you to tell us how you would like to be marketed. We can add some bits to your profile from our perspective too; if we notice you make us laugh or that you are clearly a confident talker. Together we will draw up a profile that advertises your skills, best characteristics and of course the intimate services that you are happy to share with potential clients, all of which will be advertised on our escort agency website for viewing.

Working as an escort in Leeds

Keep things private when you work with us

With regards to the photographs that are on your profile, you can choose to have your face blurred, distinctive tattoos, scars or birthmarks edited for privacy reasons. Choose an escort working name to become your alter-ego and get paid to be appreciated and worshipped by men who want to treat you like a princess. There is no binding work contract, so you are free to leave whenever you want. However, we respectfully ask that your reliability is 100% when you have put hours into work. Bearing in mind, we will take bookings for you and then have to cancel them, which does not create a good working relationship or happy customers. Apply today and enjoy all the benefits that a Leeds escort job can offer!