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Become an escort in Sheffield

Sheffield receives approximately two and a half million visitors a year, so escorts here do not go short of work. With so many things to do and see with a professional companion, clients flock back week after week to explore and discover more with them. To the general public there is more than eight hundred years of history with the famous playwright William Shakespeare being born and living here. But to clients, there is a secretive pleasure of stunning girls who work as an escort. The best of Sheffield jobs cannot be seen on tourism websites, but on escort agencies websites! It is not illegal to work as an escort as long as you are aged eighteen or over.

To work as an escort in Sheffield, females are required to offer company and a girlfriend experience to clients who book. This can be to clients who live here, who are visiting, or it can be outside of the area. The type of clientele varies from different walks of life, wealth, status in society, religion or culture. Therefore, it is not recommended for girls who are picky or judgemental just because they are not sexually attracted to a customer. An escort job involves friendship and intimacy to clients who pay for it. Some escorts may have to live a secretive life if they cannot tell friends or family that they work as an escort. The best way to describe an escort job is that she is an actress. Acting undercover often as a therapist, psychologist, comedian, a best friend, a sexual therapist and a girlfriend.

Becoming an escort in Sheffield

Enjoy a large income working as an escort in Sheffield

Become an escort in Sheffield and reap the benefits! Noticeably, the best element of escort work is the large income that it provides. Escorts who work full time and who are good at entertaining clients can easily earn over one thousand pounds per week! Escorts who work part time and who are popular can earn up to five hundred pounds per week. Even those escorts that only work weekends can earn more than what they would receive at a 9-5, Monday to Friday job! Whether you need an income top up or a salary, escort jobs in Sheffield can give you the high earnings like no other employment can. Another important benefit of escort work is that the client pays you directly at the start of the booking! There is no waiting for a pay slip at the end of the month, cash is put straight into your hand! There are no upfront costs to join Foxy Girls Sheffield escort agency! When you have finished a booking, a small booking fee is given to the agency for its role at finding you the client.

Work at a Sheffield escort agency and benefit from the job flexibility they provide. Technically, you do not work for an escort agency, they work for you as a freelance companion! They provide marketing and advertising services for you and subsequently make bookings with clients who you appeal to. This means an escort can pick and choose weekly what hours and days she would like to work. If you have earnt enough earnings at the beginning of the week, take the rest of the week off ( providing you have no advanced bookings in as you don’t want to piss off clients who have made plans with you!) If you want time off, tell the agency not to take any bookings for you. If you need higher earnings for the holiday you are saving for, add some more working hours. An escort agency will provide you with as many bookings as you need to be financially stable. Flexible working hours means that escorts can work around other commitments or have time off to enjoy spending the income that you have earnt. There is an enjoyable balance of having the freedom to work when you want but still earning a good living.

Working with an escort agency is a simple application online

Apply to work as an escort with an escort agency in Sheffield. Send an application online like any other job by sending a CV or a resume. However, avoid passport type photos. Include a selection of full-length photographs in classy dresses where the recruitment team can see your face and body shape. Bikini shots or wearing lingerie are welcomed, but do not send naked or pornographic photos. Avoid heavily airbrushed or edited photos, as they will not give a true indication of who you are.

Make an effort in your appearance as the next step of interview stage will be based on how well you present yourself within the escort application. Remember, you do not have to be a natural super model or the prettiest girl in the world. An escorts attractiveness is based on the effort that she makes to enhance her looks, such as hair, makeup, nails and nice outfits with heeled shoes. If you are contacted to have an interview, ensure that you arrive on time, looking your best. Reliability and good presentation are an important aspect of any escort job, so start as you mean to go on!

Sheffield escort agency vacancies

What to expect from the interview

During the interview, you will be explained in full detail with regards to what an escort is, the difference between escorts and prostitutes, how an escort agency can work with you and what will be expected of you to become a successful escort. During this time, the recruitment team get to know you better and will take notice of how well you make conversation and how friendly you are. If your interview is successful, a profile will be made to advertise you on the escort agencies website. You will give your statistics and information about yourself. Including the sexual services that you are happy to engage in with your customers, subject to personal hygiene.

You do not have to do anything that you do not want to do, however, adventurous escorts get more jobs. Escorts who are not attractive to the majority of clients, compensate with their personality and escort services. Give your daily working hours to add to the available today and attend a photo shoot (if the ones that you send with your application are not suitable). An immediate start to escort work is possible. Then sit back and enjoy the shopping and attractions of Sheffield, whilst the escort agency arranges and organise your bookings!