Pro’s and con’s to working independently

Deciding to become an escort is not a decision that can be made overnight. Working as an escort is not a suitable job for every woman. However, if you are reading this, then you are probably at the point of making your final decision. But, have you made an educated decision? Have you done your research and armed yourself with knowledge?

Our Leeds escort agency is passionate about the profession on a whole. For this reason, we like to make sure that every girl moving into the industry does so based on true and correct information.

Having full control and independence can be exciting. However, it can have its ups and downs, just like most business do. In effect, you are going to be your own boss, and with it comes a lot of dedication and responsibility.

We are very experienced here at Foxy girls, so we would like to share what we have learned over the years.


Pros: as an independent escort, you get to keep 100% of the money you earn. You do not have to give a percentage of it to an agency. This is probably the main advantage of being an independent escort. All of your hard earned money is yours to keep. Another advantage regarding finance, is the fact that you are not controlled with how much you can charge. You set the rate that you would like. This freedom of your earnings being your own open you up to the potential of making a lot of money quickly.

Cons: although you keep 100% of your earnings, you should declare yourself as self-employed and declare your earnings with the tax office. You should pay all relevant taxes to ensure your future financial stability. You have to be careful with what prices you advertise, too low and you will end up working more hours for less money, also, you run the risk of not attracting the type of clientele. That you aspire to entertain. On the other hand, if you price your services too high, you will find that you do not attract any customers at all. It is difficult to find the correct balance at first. Do your research and see what other independent escorts offer for the same services as you.


Pros: you decide how you want to be marketed. Your website and page will be your way of attracting clients. You can help make it to the exact specifications that you like.

Cons: you are responsible for making sure your website is marketed correctly. A lot of your time will be consumed with this task. Unless you contract an external specialist. You must make sure that your photographs are up to date and cover the cost of these.


Pros: as an independent escort, you are your own boss. So you can set your own work hours. You have more flexibility with regards to how many hours a day you work. Or how many days a week you work. You will also have the right to refuse certain clients. You are your own boss and therefore, you are free to make your own choices regards clients.

Cons: You must realise, that a lot of your free time is set aside for marketing and customer service. Therefore, you must make sure that you set aside a few hours every day to attend to your necessary admin tasks. You must be contactable 24 hours a day, whether it is through email or by phone.


Pros: you can choose where to work from, you can dedicate yourself to only outcall services. By doing this you do not have to find a hotel that turns a blind eye to escort services. No do you have the expense of finding somewhere to buy or rent. If you choose to offer incall services. You can decide on the location. You will not be restricted by the location of the apartment.

Cons: expenses of providing an incall apartment fall on you. By restricting yourself to only outcalls, you also lower your possibilities of getting a booking.


To be honest, there are not any advantages of being independent when it comes to security. You are on your own! The harsh reality of working without the protection of an escort agency. Is that you have nobody to have your back. You have to screen your client yourself. The less experienced escorts do not do this correctly. You are isolated as you cannot tell many people as to the details of a call out.

As with all new business ventures, you will end up learning a lot of important lessons the hard way. But, it will be a fun adventure of becoming an independent woman free of constraints. Full of adventures and an amazing lifestyle if it is all done correctly.