Have a Wild Night With a Hot Escort and Become a Sexpert in No Time!

You know these naughty fantasies of yours are never going to go away on their own, so you may as well turn into the curve and indulge in them. There are many sexy women who definitely can’t wait for you to make a booking and meet you face-to-face. It’s become so easy to do, just checking your phone while at home or out and about. Many escort sites are based on the designs of dating and social media apps, so you’ll become a pro at using them in no time.

Becoming a real Casanova in bed is obviously a great thing, but it doesn’t come easy. It takes practice, and a night with a beautiful model is the best sort of lesson you can ever dream of. Whether you just want to try the straight the vanilla sex or something a lot kinkier, you will find that they are more than willing to indulge in whatever turns you on.

So Easy to Set Up

The world of escorts has garnered a much better image now that the job doesn’t require street corners or shady brothels. Being able to communicate with people effortlessly thanks to the internet obviously wasn’t made for getting together for casual sex, but it’s certainly a nice side benefit. Scrolling through sites lets you check out the profiles of Leeds, Manchester, or even London Escorts (although it might be a bit pricey to pay for their train ticket if you want them to visit).

Each profile page is filled with important information, so don’t just get taken in by the sexy photos. Reading the short bio can give you a good idea of what the woman is like and is interested in. Don’t brush this off, because the better your personalities match when you first meet, the better time you’ll have when things get hotter.

There is also likely going to be a list of things they are willing to do (and not do) in bed. To make sure that your fantasies will be fulfilled, ask them via text or phone when you are making the booking. You don’t want to start going at it and then ask her to try something, only for her to say she doesn’t feel comfortable doing it.

A Naughty Learning Experience

We are so comfortable with talking about sex today that you can find bedroom tips everywhere. However reading about it is a far cry from trying it, and while you might be a bit self-conscious about your skills with any other partner, you don’t have to feel that way about an escort. In fact, telling them upfront that you want to get better or expand your knowledge will probably make them very excited. After all, they would be thrilled if more of their clients were better at sex!

For plenty of men, it doesn’t even have to simply be sexual positions or the ways to ‘read’ a woman’s body to tell what she is enjoying or not. Starting with a bit of flirting and making early moves is a huge thing as well. It’s obviously not a science, so having some experience with a professional who can tell you this is the right time to move in for a kiss, or get your hands closer can be very valuable.

Of course when it does get naughtier, getting into various positions just to see which ones excite you and here can be quite fun. Do not be surprised that she will stress the importance of levelling up your oral sex skills, as many women reach orgasm through that instead of intercourse. You can look at doing this as ‘priming the pump’, so you are both ready to climax together if you go right from that to a hot position.

Getting Real Kinky

For some people, one night with an escort is just the start, because there can always be advanced studies for this topic. If vanilla sex is not doing it for you anymore, these hot models can show some even wilder times. Now not everyone is going to enjoy kinky, BDSM-style sex, but you won’t know for sure until you try.

This typically involves one you acting as master and the other as slave, because the former gets excited inflicting pain and humiliation, and the other gets excited by receiving it. The more extreme versions of this involve leather masks, whips, handcuffs, and crawling around on all fours. But a lighter form can just be some spanking and dirty roleplaying talk in bed.

Closely related are fetishes, and these come in many forms. Some people can be obsessed with different body parts like feet or hair, and some people want to be treated like a giant adult baby. Always check the model’s profile page to see just what sorts of kinks and fantasies they are willing to help you fulfil (and keep in mind that some of the wilder ones might cost a little bit extra).

Some First Impression Tips

Chivalry is not dead, and neither is looking suave and sexy. You can be sure that she is going to dress up to look great for your meeting, so you should definitely do the same. Even though you both know where the night will end up, wearing a nice shirt and slacks with a hint of cologne and maybe bringing a flower bouquet or bottle of wine will definitely mean a lot more fun later on.

Pretending like it is the first date means you can get into a good routine when preparing for an actual first date. This means factoring in the time to get ready and still be on time. While being late is already looking bad, with an escort it might eat into the time you have together.

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