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Work with our Halifax escort agency

Work for our escort agency by applying for one of the many Halifax escort jobs we have available for girls in the region. Whether you want to kick start your escort career or already know the ropes and just want a change. You are more than welcome to submit your application to become a Halifax escort to us and we would be delighted to look over it in full. Upon receiving your application, if we think you are suitable we will arrange a convenient time to speak to you for half an hour or so, where we will ask you a few more questions about yourself and of course, tell you all about our escort agency and how we work. But before we get to those steps, you must keep in mind that we will only work with certain girls, for many reasons. Please do not apply if one of the following applies to you:

Work with Halifax escort agency

1) You are under the age of 18. The legal minimum age requirement to work as an escort in Halifax is eighteen years of age. If you are any younger than 18, you will not be accepted to work with our escort agency under any circumstances. Even if you apply by using a fake age, we ask girls for ID before we agree to work with them and get them on the website. If you cannot produce ID with an age of 18 or over, or do not produce ID at all, you will not be permitted to work here. You will also get reported to the authorities, so they know that an underage girl is trying to become an escort. So, please do not try and think you can scam us and lie. You will only get yourself into trouble.

2) If you do not take care of your body and over a dress size of 14 or look particularly out of shape. Then you will absolutely not be able to become a Halifax escort with our escort agency. A big part of being an escort is your looks and, in particular, your body. That is what initially attracts clients to you. Therefore, if you are out of shape, you will simply not get work as an escort in Halifax. Our clients expect a good standard of escort when booking with us and we ensure that this is what they receive without fail. If you do not meet this requirement but would still like to become an escort in Halifax. Then please consider a fitness program for a few months at least.

Become an escort in Halifax

How to become an escort in Halifax

3) Another very important factor of being an escort is how you present yourself. If in your photographs or upon the initial meeting with you, you clearly look like you do not take pride in yourself, then there is no need to waste your time applying for one of our escort jobs. To obtain escort work at our agency in Halifax, then you need to know how to do your hair and makeup nicely. You will also need to come to work looking presentable yet discreet (a nice dress and heels are perfect!). When a client books you, he somewhat considers the encounter a no strings attached date and therefore, when escorts are at work with our agency, they need to dress ready for a date. Coming to work in trainers, tracksuits or jeans is going to get you nothing but complaints from clients and you will, for sure, not be working here very long! Also, this means that things like matching underwear, nice lingerie is also important too. There is no point in looking nice overall and then coming to work in a pair of 10 year old briefs and a scabby unmatching bra. This will furthermore, get you nothing but complaints and leave clients very unhappy with you.

4) Punctuality is one of the most important things of all when you have Halifax escort work at our agency, for a large number of reasons. However, mostly, because if one day you decide to turn your phone off, and we end up cancelling clients for you. They will not be happy and for sure, will not be back to see you again. We also put more money behind our girls than anywhere else, especially in regard to advertising, and allocate you a large number of resources when you are working. IE; apartments, your personal driver etc. All of which is done and arranged before you have even got to work that day. As you pick your own shifts, they must be stuck to! If by any chance there is one day where something has genuinely happened, and you cannot attend your shift. Then we will require proof of this, just like any other job in the world. Continual let downs with pure bullshit excuses and no proof are not tolerated here. They will give you an extremely bad name from clients in the industry, due to them wasting time and being messed around by you. But also, we will not work with girls like this, who waste time, money and effort. If you want to become an escort, then you need to be a professional one and take your job seriously. If not, there is no escort work for you to obtain with our escort agency.

5) If by any chance, you think it is a good idea to work for an escort agency in Halifax and take OUR clients numbers… It is absolutely not a good idea in the slightest. They are clients of the agency, that the agency supplies you with. Taking clients numbers is the equivalent of working in Asda and stealing money out of the till. We will check for girls taking numbers, by giving them clients who we personally know, who will report about girls giving their numbers out. We find out extremely quickly! Furthermore, when you give a client your number, you are not safe. Working for an escort agency gives you a point of contact and drivers and receptionists who know where you are at all times. Seeing clients outside of the agency is extremely unsafe for girls and you will be putting yourself in a potentially vulnerable situation. For an extensive list of reasons, giving your number out is a BIG NO!

If you think you have what it takes to be one of the girls on our website and to work for our escort agency still, then please feel free to apply. We look forward to speaking with you soon!