Here you can see the answers to our most Frequently asked questions. If you should have a question that is not answered here. Please contact us on 0113 8800 796 and we will do our best to answer it honestly for you!

You have two options to make payment.

  1. You make the payment directly to the girl at the start of your time with her.
  2. You can pay by bank transfer at the time of making the booking.

All payments must be made in £GBP

Foxy girls is a full 24 hour escort agency. We are here to assist you every minute, of every day. You will notice that we have in general different ladies working the day and night shifts. You can see their schedules for more detailed information on their working hours. You can call us on 0113 8800 796

Yes all our Leeds girls give you the opportunity to visit them at their discreet apartments. We do not for privacy reasons publish the exact locations. But they are situated in very easy to get to locations, with parking onsite or very close.

Yes of course! All of our Foxy girls can visit you at your home or hotel. We do not only cover Leeds city, but also our girls travel throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas. If you are not sure if we cover your area, please just give us a call and we will gladly advise.

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! We are very very strict on this part. We ensure that every photo on the girls profile, is of course always of the actual girl! As well as being as recent as possible. We prefer clients to say that our Foxy girls look better in real life than in their photos. As opposed to the other way around!! Lets face it, a nice surprise is better than a bad one! You can really trust in our levels of honestly and this goes through to the photos we use also. The only edits ever made to the girls photographs are their faces blurred for privacy/discretion and sometimes (but not always). Tattoos are blurred or removed for the same reasons. However we will always tell you on the girls profile if she has them!

Yes you can. But only for advanced bookings. Same day bookings must be made over the phone on 0113 8800 796. To book online you can go to this page. You will also find more instructions there.

If you can not make your appointment, then cancel it! If you do not show up you will be added to our no shows list. If you make a habit of it, we will simply ban you. Our reception team are trained to recognise voices, so even if you change your number, we will know. If you book and make a lot of cancellations at short notice, the same will apply. If you can not make your appointment, its best to just call us and cancel it please. It avoids all the bullshit that no one wants.

Yes of course you can! If you have any requests, please ensure to include at the time of making the booking. Every request you make is passed on to the escort. Its not possible for our systems to not pass the request on to her! So if you ever make a request and the escort tells you we did not tell her about it, I can assure you its a lie and you should call us to report the matter straight away.

Of course everyone is human, girls have bad nights etc. Even with all our experience until a girl actually starts we can never be 100% sure she is going to give you a great service or deliver what she promises. In this situation please always contact us to disucss the matter, we are here to help you and that includes dealing with any thing like this!

Certainly they should not be doing this no! You will always get the time you have paid for in full. If you find this not to be the situation, please contact us to discuss it!

Yes always! The girls are never given your personal details! They will arrive discreet or as you have requested. All incalls are held in discreet places also. It is not essential to provide your real name if you do not want to.

To make an incall booking with us. We will require your name and phone number. Its of no consequence to us if you give us a real or alisas name. It does not matter!

For an outcall booking. We will require your name, phone number, full address or hotel address and room number. Once again if you do not want to give us your real name, then do not!

Do not worry! Every one has to pop their escort cherry sometime! We are experienced with dealing with nervous clients and can really help you choose the right escort. The girls are also very good at putting you at ease fully. Your in very good hands with us all the way around. Relax and enjoy!

Yes for sure we can help you choose a Foxy girl that is most suited to your needs. Obviously we know the girls well and therefore are in a position to help you make the correct choice. Please just explain to us in as much detail as you desire, what it is your really looking for. Although all the Foxy girls meet the same high standards, it stands to reason that some girls are better suited for certain things and client types. So please ask away!