Advice for clients

In general, our clients treat their chosen escort with respect. However, there are some pet peeves that you should never do when in the company of an escort. Read on to find the most common slip ups that our escorts come across in their day to day business.

Don’t ask personal or rude questions.

Although this should be self explanatory, there are many people who insist on trying to get to know their escort more personally. And, it should not be done. An escort has the right to maintain her privacy. So, do not think you can ask her what her real name is. If she wanted you to know, she would have told you from the get go. Also, her marital status is really of no importance to anybody but herself. Maybe the initial thought of having fun with a married woman might be exciting. However, in reality, you might not enjoy it. At the end of the day, do not ask an escort a question that you later, might regret asking.

Another one of the questions that should NEVER be asked is how many clients she has had that day. Knowing that she has seen men before you might not be what you want to hear, plus, it is just plain and simply rude. Finally, do not ask about her personal hygiene. A true professional escort will always attend her appointments clean. She is a professional woman concerned about both her and her client’s health.

Have good personal hygiene.

You cannot expect your Leeds escorts to be hot on their hygiene and then you turn up all smelly and sweaty. Take a shower before your visit. Give your nails a quick trim and apply deodorant. Put on clean clothes afterwards. Treat your time with your escort as if you were meeting a woman for a date. After all, it is a kind of date that you will be going on…oh, do not forget to brush your teeth too! Also, if you smoke, pop a mint in your mouth just before you meet. Fresh breath is a prerequisite for kissing! Some people might not associate the next point as something to consider. Especially as when the urges take us, men tend to just let them ride over. Common sense is just thrown out of the window. Nonetheless, you should let your head be ruled by your groin. Never, ever, ask an escort to have sex without a condom. She will immediately lose respect for you. On the other hand, hear the alarm bells ring loudly if your escort will agree to unprotected sex. It means that she has no respect for herself nor her clients. She will be putting you in way of danger of contracted sexually transmitted infections. No escort worth her ilk will even consider sex without a condom.

General courtesy.

Make sure that you arrive on time to the place that you agreed to meet her. It does not matter if you are going to hers or if you are meeting her elsewhere. If you have anything important to do. Please make sure that you are finished with enough time to spare. If you find that for one reason or an another, you have to cancel the appointment or move it to another locale. Please do so as soon as you possibly can.

Also, you should be respectful towards your escort. She is after all, a person. Do not turn up to your appointment stinking drunk or high on illegal substances, the escorts do not appreciate it when their clients are not in full control.

All of the above will cost you absolutely nothing.Yet, it carries a lot of value. It will buy you so much. Your experience should be one full of deep gratification and satisfaction. Your escort will aim to give you all of this. However. She expects her clients to treat her respectfully. Mutual fulfilment is the main objective. You might think that you are paying for your enjoyment, why is mutual fun the main objective? Well, if your escort is satisfied, it becomes mutual. A woman’s biology is far more complex than a man’s. If she is ‘feeling it’ you know that you’re pleasure will be increased tenfold..