5 Reasons to book with us

We feel that here at our agency. That we are simply the best. We were established many years ago offering an around the clock service. We arrange many types of services for our clients. At the most competitive prices in the area. However, this is not why we think we are the best. We make sure our clients receive nothing but the best.


As we only offer true professionals to our clients. We are unperturbed about this. The girls are all honest and trustworthy Foxy girls escorts. They do not disclose any information whatsoever regarding their clients. They have the foresight and maturity to understand that our esteemed clients desire anonymity. Even the younger of the escorts know not to talk about their clients with anybody. They also know how to blend in when out on a date. They do not have that stereotypical sex worker look about them. Their makeup, clothes and entire demeanour are sexy without calling excessive attention to themselves. In fact, booking an escort can help you in many ways, when you do so through our agency!


Our girls are at the top of their game. Only the crème de la crème get the opportunity to join our agency. They are highly talented escorts. They keep care of their bodies on a daily basis. When a man goes with one of our escorts. They are indulging in the best experience possible. The type of escort that works at our agency is one of the highest quality. Proven over time to be definitely worth their weight in gold.


No other Leeds agency can compete with us. Especially when it comes to the level of adventurous escorts. Our girls love to play and have intense fun with their clients. They are always up for something new. They adore exploring new carnal highs. To be honest, it is not them who are exploring something new. It is usually the client who wishes to experiment. With these girls being so adventurous. They know the best way to do something so it induces an intense orgasmic reaction. Although no two times with the same girl provides the exact same sensations. They like to make each encounter unique.


Our customers are exceptionally important to us. We treat every single client as if they are our most important client, which to be fair is true. Every person who decides to use our escort agency is cherished. We provide such high services to every client. It does not matter if they are one-off clients, once every so often clients, or regular clients. When a man or a woman contacts out agency we give them all same high quality customer service. Our girls on the phone are very informed as to the ins and outs of all of the escorts. They know which escort will provide which services. They are so well trained that they know which escort to match up to which client. They have never made a wrong match.


We are not like a lot of other agencies. We do not believe that clients should have to pay a different rate depending on the escort they choose. Nor should they have to decide before they book what services they desire to make sure they can afford the service. Our girls offer their time at a fixed rate. Therefore, you can just go with the flow. Have an interaction with them that is not pre-planned. You have more freedom with the escort when you do not have to concern yourself. With deciding beforehand what you want to do. Enjoyment is our main aim. That is why we believe that liberation is ultra-important. This is what you feel knowing you are limited only by time and not money.